Sunday, January 31, 2010

Were you born between January 20- February 18?

Congratulations! You're an Aquarius- the quirkiest sign in the zodiac!
You are: Boisterous, eccentric, and energetic. You love helping others. You are highly intellectual and fiercely independent. You's call it "original." (It's OK- at least you're not a Leo!)
Spirituality: You value intuition tempered with logic. You are very attuned to the energies around you.
For: Imagination! Individuality!
Against: Anything dull and boring!
Friends: You're the life of the party, but it takes a bit when it comes to making close friends. People who really know you will discover a friendship that lasts through the years.
Career: Acting, writing, teaching, photography, or piloting. You might also enjoy muskrat farming or circus school!
Ruling Planet: Your ruling planet is Uranus! Awesome! This planet is considered to be the breaker of rules and tradition. Uranus is futuristic, intellectual, and eccentric.
Film: The Elephant Man (David Lynch)
Fashion: Lampshade = hat
Compatible Signs: Gemini, Libra, and other Aquarians
Opposite Sign: Leo's!
Perfect gift: Music, a Louis Vuitton Groom Wallet, a gift to their favorite cause. Don't buy "them" drinks on "their" birthday because mixing different alcohols makes "them" sick!
Famous Aquarians: David Lynch, Fredrico Fellini, Christian Dior, Virgina Woolf, Sharon Tate, Juliette Greco, Langston Hughes, Paul Newman, Claudine Longet, Eartha Kitt, Colette, Alan Alda, Carol Channing, Norman Mailer, Vanessa Redgrave, Django Reinhardt, OPRAH, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Clark Gable, Rosa Parks, Alice Cooper, Mia Farrow, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Yoko Ono, Bob Marley, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Sonny Bono, Jackson Pollock...
All the cool people are Aquarians, basically. You're welcome.

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