Friday, January 29, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

Mark Davis' Bakelite line at Barney's is utterly inspiring- it got me thinking about my own Bakelite, and wishing I had the funds to augment my vintage collection with some of Mark's innovative designs.I love how Mark revitalizes a basic, vintage Bakelite bangle by embellishing it with his unique 18K gold inlay and gemstones. The bangle instantly goes from lackluster and old to fresh, relevant, and interesting.

I wonder if I could embellish any pieces from my own collection (selection below).

Andy Warhol was also an avid collector of Bakelite. It's easy to see why he was attracted to it- he used a lot of butterscotch and catalin colors in his screen prints. Warhol's death in 1988 and subsequent Sotheby's auction of his collection is attributed to making Bakelite desirable, pricey, and collectible.

If you're a Bakelite enthusiast or a modern-day jazz baby, please take a peek at my Etsy site which will be continually updated with more Bakelite pieces!


Krista Kenner said...

You can do it!! Embellish!

i get ideas. said...

Ugh, it looks tough! I'm not very good with micronometers!