Thursday, January 28, 2010

Logo a Go-Go

I generally steer clear of logos, unless it's a vintage piece or an unusual twist on an iconic classic (like what Marc Jacobs did for LV by way of Stephen Sprouse/graffiti). Here are some exuberant pieces from my wishlist that illustrate my point:

GUCCI "I Love New York"
The first time I saw this trunk in Palm Springs, my reaction was, as my grandpa would say, "holy smokes!"
The Gucci/New York line is too pretty (and conspicuous) for function, but I'd use the NY Trunk as a decorator piece or side table.

GUCCI "Snowman in Africa"
My husband is from Africa, so this is a no-brainer. A portion of the proceeds go to UNICEF. Also, I love the illustration on this bag- it's just fun.
Louis Vuitton "Monogram Groom Wallet"
YOW. Definitely my favorite of the three- this evokes two things I love dearly- the 1920's, and Tintin. I'm holding out for one in EUC (excellent used condition) on theee olde Ebay. Wish me luck!

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