Sunday, September 12, 2010

We recently rehabbed a Dania starter dining set by having the cherry table top sprayed with car paint at our local Auto Body shop. We donated the matching Danish-modern Ikea-style chairs (yuck) and replaced them with some Lucite Ghost Chairs. By using Ghost Chairs, I hoped to make the small space look bigger, and with the glossy paint job, I wanted to make the eating area look... shiny.

In the end, we're happy with how it turned out. It always feels good to reuse and re-purpose things.
So, how do you clean the car-table? With Turtlewax, naturally. And if you're wondering about the cost of doing this yourself, I called both Auto Body and Fiberglass Paint shops (boat painters) and the low-bid was $100. (The high was $400.)

On a separate note— does anyone know what variety of flower those long, green hanging ones are?

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