Sunday, September 26, 2010

c'est charmant

Years ago, I started collecting vintage British charms, from 14k to 24k gold. I tried to find ones that were interactive, movable, or had some personal significance. The objective was to make myself a vintage charm bracelet.

Eight years later (yeesh) it's finally done.

Naturally, I wasn't happy with a basic charm bracelet— it had to be vintage with a heart padlock and safety chain. And they're expensive. Which is partially why it took so long to complete. (Winning one on ebay for an affordable price took patience.)

Meanwhile, I collected charms. My favorite is in the front— it's an LP that says "♥♥Calypso" on one side and "♥♥Rock n' Roll" on the other side. (I love calypso music from the 30's—50's... and have also amassed quite a lot of old rock n' roll LP's over the years.)
ANYWAY... also pictured is a vintage working tambourine, two "spinner" charms (spin them, and one reveals the message "Good Luck" and the other, "I Love You"), a tiny scotch bottle that reads "I'm Scotch!", a 4-leaf clover, a graduation cap (a thrift store find), some bells (also thrifted) and "mad money" (contents: a whole dollar!).
Over the years, I've collected MORE than enough charms for a bracelet. Eventually, I'll list the extra's on my Etsy site. Even if you don't have a bracelet to put them on, a few grouped together on a chain makes an adorable pendant. Here are some fun charms currently available on ebaythey're especially perfect if you have no budget!
Happy charming!

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