Monday, May 10, 2010

People Take Pictures of Eachother

This 1930's press photo (Clara Bow, top) and vintage snapshots below are examples from my vintage photography collection.

If you're looking for interesting, affordable wall art, photography is the way to go.
Over the years, I've procured quite a few vintage press photos from newspaper photo archives, along with old snapshots and film shots I've discovered online. Fashion photos by Richard Avedon, music photos by Jasper Dailey, film reel photography from Hal Hartley's estate— the possibilities are endless, really. They're interesting, relatively inexpensive, and look great grouped together on a wall.
Here's one of Marilyn Monroe/Bus Stop I came across a moment ago— I've no clue what the back story is on it, but if you don't care about provenance or authenticity, it's a nice looking photo.
Press photos also make a great gift- you'll find something for your pickiest friend, if you keep your eyes open. Examples: Bardot fans? Check. Nancy Sinatra? Check. Old movies/ big drinker? Check. Sports enthusiast? Check. B-movie/ Bad Hair-do collector? Check. Paul Newman fan? Sign me up. See what I mean?
I tend to favor vintage press photography over snapshots and studio photography, because you get the candid quality of a snapshot, along with the photography skills of a professional photographer. Many photos shot for newspapers have an intimate feel, and aren't mass-produced and turned into kitsch like a studio photograph.
I'll share more of my collection later— they're stashed around my house. None displayed at the moment— no wall space!

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