Tuesday, March 23, 2010

baby·show·er·pho·bi·a (ba-bee-fb-)
An abnormal fear of events that contain all-women
and no-alcohol.

Last Sunday, I (co)hosted my first baby shower. Before this event, I did not consider myself "crafty"... in fact, I used to consider myself "The Anti-Craft." However, through this experience, I discovered a talent for sewing rudimentary felt psychedelic mushrooms and woodland creatures! (Evidence below.)

Another shocker- the event was actually fun (and I didn't even touch the Chardonnay!) Who knew that transferring cotton balls from one bowl to another while blindfolded could be so hilarious? (Evidence below.)

Prior to Sunday, I was a self-diagnosed Babyshowerphobic- for some reason, events that involve all-women and no-alcohol give me anxiety. But this time, while the dudes were at a sports bar eating burgers and drinking beers (some of my favorite pastimes), I sat perfectly content holding a pile of baby onesies, surrounded by a group of lovely ladies. A breakthrough!
Me (right) with two of my favorite girls, Marissa and Maria.
Maria, center, is the guest of honor.

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